Newborn Found Deceased in Gas Station Restroom; Investigation Underway

A newborn was discovered deceased in a gas station restroom on Sunday morning, according to police reports. The woman seen in the surveillance video released by police is believed to be the last person to use the facility before the tragic discovery was made about an hour later.

Detective Calab Bowling of the HPD Homicide Division shared during a press briefing that the video footage and witness accounts corroborate this timeline. However, it remains uncertain whether the infant was stillborn or passed away post-delivery. Medical first responders have suggested that the child was deceased for a significant period before being found by a customer.

The identity of the woman in the video and her relationship with the deceased infant remains unclear. While some media reports and social media posts have suggested that she is the mother, law enforcement officials have not confirmed this. A spokesperson for the police department stated that they are still trying to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident.

As of Tuesday, no criminal charges have been filed or are pending in relation to the case. The cause of death for the infant is still under investigation. Detective Bowling expressed a desire to speak with the woman in the video to gather more information and provide some resolution to the tragic situation.