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8-Year-Old Boy Killed While Protecting Mother

Burnsville, Minnesota - An 8-year-old boy in Minnesota was tragically killed last week while protecting his mother from his violent father. Amir Demarion Harden died on June 9 from complications after being shot in the head and neck on June 6. The incident occurred shortly after the boy's father, Danair Harden, was released from jail on domestic violence charges. Harden allegedly returned to the family's apartment in a rage, leading to a fatal confrontation.

According to the boy's mother, Cherish Edwards, Amir bravely attempted to wrestle the gun out of his father's hand to protect her. Edwards pleaded for her son to go to the neighbors for safety, but he refused, saying, "Mommy, I'm not leaving you here." Tragically, the confrontation ended with Danair Harden shooting himself in the head after accidentally shooting his son. Amir's four siblings witnessed the horrifying incident, leaving them deeply traumatized.

Danair Harden remains in critical condition at a hospital, and an investigation is ongoing. Authorities are trying to determine whether the child was specifically targeted. Carissa Larsen, a spokesperson for the city of Burnsville, stated, "We don’t know that the child was an intended target, and that’s part of what is still under investigation."

Prior to the shooting, Danair Harden was facing allegations in Dakota County District Court for choking Cherish Edwards during an argument. The incident occurred on May 30, after Edwards expressed her desire to end their 10-year relationship. Edwards had called the police, advising them that Harden likely had a gun and a permit to carry. Despite her concerns, bail was set at $4,000 during Harden's hearing, and he was released later that day. Approximately seven hours later, the tragic shooting took place.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to collect funds for moving expenses and therapy for the traumatized siblings.

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Mother Found Dead Hanging by Rope on Dock

League City, Texas - A woman's death at a marina in League City is now under investigation as a possible homicide, following suspicions surrounding the positioning of her body, according to local authorities announced on Tuesday. The woman, identified as 30-year-old Giselle Salazar and a mother of four, was found hanging by a rope off a dock on May 31. Police say that her arm was discovered in an upright position with no visible support, suggesting that she died elsewhere before being placed at the dock. While detectives await the results from the medical examiner's office to determine the cause of death, they have identified two persons of interest in the case, but no arrests have been made.

Salazar's family, determined to seek justice, refutes any suggestion that she took her own life. Her sister, Esperanza Alegria, stated, "My sister didn't do this to herself. She didn't commit suicide. We want whoever is responsible to face the consequences of their actions." Salazar had been residing on her boyfriend's boat at the Wharf Marina since March, according to reports. Although he has been questioned by the police multiple times, he denies any involvement in her death, expressing his deep disbelief and stating, "I would never hurt Giselle."

According to Salazar's brother, Nathan Paz, she was a vibrant and charismatic individual. He revealed that Salazar had previously lived in Colorado but left due to an abusive relationship and was trying to start anew. The family is currently raising funds for her funeral expenses and to support her children.

Police have been diligently reviewing nearly 2,000 security video clips as part of their investigation. Despite the boyfriend's claims that his surveillance cameras failed, law enforcement authorities remain determined to gather any evidence that may shed light on the case.

The League City Police Department has urged anyone with information regarding Salazar's death to come forward. The investigation is still ongoing as authorities work to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident.

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