Night Manager Sneaks into Hotel Room and Sucks Toe of Sleeping Guest

A 52-year-old hotel manager at the 4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, engaged in a disturbing act on March 30th, as reported by WZTV.

David Neal snuck into a male guest’s room while sleeping and began sucking on his toes without the guest’s prior knowledge or consent.

Being abruptly awakened from his sleep, the guest noticed Neal’s mouth on his toes and immediately confronted him.

In his statement to the police, Neal admitted to entering the room but incompletely justified his motives with a false claim that he had smelled smoke and had only sought to ensure the guest’s safety.

No previous reports of smoke were noticed by the staff or other guests.

Moreover, the room key was missing, and Neal his admission that he had thrown it away.

Neal’s perverse action has sparked a significant charge by police, with aggravated burglary and assault alleged.

According to WZTV, Neal was arrested in his home in Lebanon and is currently in jail. This disturbing incident serves as a cautionary tale to take heed of the potential risks associated with staying in hotels and taking the necessary precautions to guard against potential danger or threat.