Nurse Faces New Charges After Confessing to 19 Additional Attempted Murders with Insulin

Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania – Heather Pressdee, a former nurse arrested in May on homicide charges, has confessed to attempting to kill 19 more people, authorities announced on Thursday.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office filed dozens of new charges against Pressdee after accusing her of prescribing excessive amounts of insulin, resulting in the deaths of two patients and the hospitalization of another. The alleged crimes took place between 2020 and this year at five different care facilities. The new charges for Pressdee has include two counts of first-degree murder, 17 counts of attempted murder, and 19 counts of neglect of a care-dependent person.

According to the release from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, Pressdee is accused of administering excessive amounts of insulin to patients, including individuals who were not diabetic and did not require insulin. During overnight shifts when staffing was low, Pressdee would allegedly administer the insulin with the intent to harm. A total of seventeen patients died who had been cared for by Pressdee. The victims ranged in age from 43 to 104.

According to a statement released by Attorney General Michelle Henry, “Pressdee is charged with first-degree murder in the cases where physical evidence is available to support the cause of death. Attempted murder is charged in the cases where the victims either survived the excessive dosage of insulin, or the cause of death could not be determined.”

Henry expressed her shock at Pressdee’s actions, stating that it was difficult to comprehend how a nurse entrusted with caring for patients could choose to intentionally harm them. Henry emphasized the importance of holding Pressdee accountable for her crimes and ensuring the safety and well-being of care-dependent individuals in Pennsylvania.

In May, Pressdee faced charges related to the deaths of a 55-year-old man and an 83-year-old man, as well as the hospitalization of a 73-year-old man. The investigation into Pressdee began after a relative of one of the alleged victims raised concerns about her improper administration of insulin.

Pressdee was arraigned on the new charges on Thursday and waived her preliminary hearing. She is currently held without bail at Butler County Prison.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has stated that they will continue to work diligently on the case and protect care-dependent Pennsylvanians from future harm.