Off-Duty Cop Kills Police Officer’s Son at Chick-fil-A

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – A Summerville police officer has been arrested and charged with murder after allegedly shooting and killing an unarmed man in a Chick-fil-A parking lot. According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the incident occurred on March 20 and was the result of a verbal altercation between the off-duty officer and the victim.

Court documents reveal that the confrontation escalated when the officer, identified as 64-year-old Anthony DeLustro, stepped out of his vehicle and became the aggressor. A witness stated that DeLustro used a homophobic slur and challenged the victim, 39-year-old Michael P. O’Neal, to a fight. As the altercation intensified, bystanders attempted to break up the fight.

During the altercation, DeLustro reportedly identified himself as an officer and claimed that O’Neal was under arrest. The warrant alleges that O’Neal tried to disengage and walk towards his car, but DeLustro broke free from a bystander and threatened to kill O’Neal if he left. DeLustro then retrieved his fallen gun from the ground and entered O’Neal’s vehicle.

Tragically, as O’Neal drove away, DeLustro allegedly shot and killed him. In a subsequent interview, DeLustro claimed that he had intended to prevent O’Neal from leaving the scene.

Before his employment with the Summerville Police Department, DeLustro had served as a police officer for the New York City Police Department. It remains unclear whether he has entered a plea in relation to the charges against him.

O’Neal’s family has created a GoFundMe page to support them during this difficult time. The fundraiser, which has already raised over $25,000, highlights O’Neal’s lineage as the son of a police officer and calls for unity and support for the family.

As the investigation into this tragic incident continues, questions have been raised about the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers and the accountability of off-duty officers. The Summerville Police Department has refrained from commenting on the case, leaving the community and the nation eager to learn the outcome and ensure justice is served.