Pilot Dies Mid-Flight, Prompting Emergency Landing

A tragic incident occurred on a Boeing 787 flight from Miami to Santiago, Chile, when the pilot, Ivan Andaur, 56, suddenly fell ill and died in the bathroom during the flight. The flight, LA505, was in progress when Andaur began to feel unwell, leading to his collapse in the aircraft’s restroom.

The two co-pilots on board were compelled to make an emergency landing at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City. Despite the immediate medical assistance provided by paramedics who boarded the plane, Andaur was declared dead.

A nurse, identified only as Isadora on social media, revealed that she, along with another nurse and two doctors, attempted to resuscitate Andaur as the plane was landing. They believed he was suffering from symptoms related to cardiac arrest. However, they were unable to save him due to a lack of necessary medical supplies on board.

Isadora expressed her concern about the lack of adequate medical supplies and protocols for such emergencies on LATAM flights. She emphasized the need for improvement in this area, as lives could be saved with the right resources.

Upon landing due to the pilot’s deteriorating health, passengers were asked to evacuate the plane. The aircraft remained at the gate for about 30 minutes before the airline announced the flight’s cancellation, according to Walter Guerra, a Chilevision TV producer.

Passengers were accommodated in local hotels, and the flight resumed on Tuesday afternoon. Andaur, a former Chile’s Air Force member, had been with LATAM for a significant period. He is survived by his daughter Sofia, following the death of his wife Veronica in 2017.

LATAM expressed their condolences to Andaur’s family in a statement, acknowledging his 25-year career and his dedication, professionalism, and commitment to the airline.