Police Remove Former Adult Actress in Handcuffs from Comedy Show

New York City, NY – Lisa Ann, a former adult film actress turned podcast host, found herself in handcuffs after being forcibly removed from comedian Matt Rife’s performance at Radio City Music Hall. Ann claims she was unjustly accused of using her phone during the show, while venue sources allege she was disruptive and noncompliant.

Ann took to social media, posting a video of herself being escorted out by NYPD officers and expressing her frustration at missing the show she had been looking forward to. She insisted that she had done nothing wrong and had not touched her phone. However, a source from the venue contradicts Ann’s claims, stating that she had been recording the show, which is prohibited. When asked to stop and refused, the police were called in.

The insider revealed that Ann’s removal was not solely due to her phone use, but also because of her disruptive and disorderly behavior. According to the source, Ann became loud and even kicked the officers who were present at the scene.

Lisa Ann, known for her parody portrayal of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in adult films, as well as her appearances on “The Howard Stern Show” and her SiriusXM show “Stripper Town,” experienced this altercation at Rife’s show.

As details continue to emerge, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the reputations of both Lisa Ann and Matt Rife.