Popular DJ Found Decapitated in Home

Memphis, Tennessee – Authorities in Tennessee are investigating the gruesome death of Rick Buchanan, a popular Memphis-area DJ known by his stage name “Slick Rick,” who was found dead inside his home, with his body decapitated and his pants pulled down around his ankles. The investigation into Buchanan’s death is ongoing, with police stating that there are currently no immediate signs of foul play.

Buchanan’s brother, John Buchanan, made the shocking discovery when he went to his brother’s house after receiving an alarming phone call from one of the neighbors. Upon arriving at the residence, John found the front door locked but discovered the back door wide open. It was inside the house that he stumbled upon his brother’s mutilated remains.

In a heartbreaking interview with WTVT, John described his initial confusion when he saw his brother’s body. He thought his coat was covering his head, but upon a closer look, he realized the truth was far worse. The keys were still in Buchanan’s hand, and his pants were pulled down to his feet. It wasn’t until a day later that John confirmed to investigators that his brother had been decapitated.

Rick Buchanan had experienced a previous brush with death in 2014 when he was shot during a robbery outside a live music venue owned by his mother. After the incident, he became increasingly reclusive, struggling to find work and preferring to stay home with his dog,

The Memphis Police Department has confirmed the discovery of an adult male’s body inside the Angel Street residence where Buchanan lived. While there are no immediate signs of foul play, the cause of death remains undetermined at this time. The investigation into Rick Buchanan’s death continues.