‘Potential Serial Killer’ Caught After Murdering 2 Woman

ORLANDO, Fla. — A potential serial killer has been apprehended in Florida after two women were found strangled to death, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect, Carlos Yadiel Baez-Nieves, 25, was taken into custody for the murders of Fatia Flowers, 41, and Nichole Daniels, 44, whose bodies were discovered in March and April respectively. Sheriff John Mina expressed relief that Baez-Nieves was stopped from becoming a prolific serial killer.

Carlos Yadiel Baez-Nieves, 25, has been arrested in Florida after being accused of the strangulation deaths of two women. The victims, Fatia Flowers, 41, and Nichole Daniels, 44, were found dead in March and April. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest, with Sheriff John Mina stressing the efforts of their detectives in thwarting a potential serial killer.

Baez-Nieves was arrested during a traffic stop for driving with a suspended license, with Sheriff Mina stating that he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. The suspect, who moved to Central Florida from Puerto Rico in 2020, confessed to both murders during interviews with detectives. Authorities revealed that Baez-Nieves targeted transient women engaged in sex work, perceiving them as less likely to be missed.

Sheriff Mina expressed gratitude for the arrest, noting that the community is now safer with Baez-Nieves off the streets. The victims, Flowers and Daniels, were intentionally chosen by the suspect based on the assumption that their lives would be considered inconsequential. Their bodies were discarded on the roadside, as if they were of no value or significance.

The investigation uncovered a pattern in which Baez-Nieves would pick up Flowers and Daniels on separate occasions, engage in sexual activity, and subsequently strangle them to death. The bodies would then be disposed of at an intersection, after which the suspect would return home. Law enforcement discovered similarities between the victims, including their transient status, history of drug use, and being found partially or completely unclothed.

Baez-Nieves is currently incarcerated at the Orange County Jail without bond, facing two counts of first-degree murder. Sheriff Mina emphasized the potential for additional victims and the ongoing efforts to determine if the suspect is involved in other similar cases across the country. The investigation is ongoing.