Remains of Boy that Vanished Almost 4 Years Ago Found

Police in Buffalo, New York have made a grim discovery in the search for a missing 12-year-old boy. The remains of Jaylen Griffin, who vanished over three years ago, were found in the attic of a residence where a sex offender reportedly resided. The police have classified his death as a homicide and are working diligently to bring closure to the family.

The remains were discovered by a maintenance worker who was called to investigate a foul odor emanating from the attic of a home on Sheffield Avenue in South Buffalo. The house was located about five miles from where Griffin was last seen. Erie County Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia stated in a media briefing that the body had been in the house for a significant period of time. The victim’s identity was confirmed through dental records by the Erie County Medical Examiner.

The tragic discovery adds to the hardship suffered by Griffin’s family, as his mother passed away in September and his brother was shot and killed just two months after the boy’s disappearance.

Neighbors of the residence disclosed that the house had previously experienced fire damage and was subsequently rented out to individuals with parole histories, sex offenders, and individuals with mental illness. An analysis by WKBW-TV revealed that the property was owned by a company specializing in adult support homes. Just one month before the remains were found, a registered sex offender had moved into the house and was later charged with a new sex offense.

Police have yet to identify any suspects in the ongoing homicide investigation. Commissioner Gramaglia expressed his condolences to Griffin’s family and described the case as an absolute tragedy.

The police continue to investigate the case, hoping to bring closure to Griffin’s grieving family while unraveling the circumstances that led to this horrific tragedy.