“Satanic” Man Murders Woman and Dismembers Her Body in Alleged Human Sacrifice

A gruesome scene was discovered by police after a Texas woman was found murdered in her home. A “satanic” man involved in “cult activity” cut off her toes, fingers, and ears during a “human sacrifice.” Two additional people were arrested in connection to the murder.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office conducted a welfare check at a home in Joaquin, Texas, on November 13. Around 4 p.m., officers discovered the body of Sarah Hopson, 36, in her bedroom.

In her case, Hobson is alleged to have suffered significant injuries to the right side of her forehead and head. She was hit in the head with a rock, and her toes, fingers, and ear were reported to have been cut off. Per the affidavit, a deputy discovered a clear freezer bag full of the woman’s body parts between Hopson’s legs.

According to deputies, a recent paint job was evident on the walls, and there was an overwhelming smell of fresh paint in the bedroom.” As reported by CBS 19, “In the affidavit, deputies also noted that the bedroom appeared to be freshly painted and noticed a razor knife, several wrenches on a chest of drawers, paint brushes and paint cans, and a bag with paint and cleaning supplies.”

After further investigation, blood was found. CBS 19 received the affidavit and reported that investigators used a solution that glows when blood is found. After using the solution, investigators observed glowing handprints on the freshly painted door and blood splatter on the dresser. It was reported that the walls glowed, with what appeared to be “wiping marks” from someone attempting to clean them.

One huge lead was when investigators found a Texas ID card in a pair of jeans at the scene. According to the affidavit, the ID belonged to Ethan Kyle Myers. The police began searching for him, located his car and searched the vehicle. An affidavit stated that a shovel, plastic bags, a gallon of gasoline, a hammer, a tire tool, and a large rock in a trash bag smelling of gasoline was found inside the car.

According to Law and Crime, Investigators connected the rock to the murder scene. In their report, police noted that Hopson’s head wounds matched the tip of the rock.

According to Law and Crime, Myer’s mother claimed that Myers was hiding in the woods. He was finally found and arrested on Thursday, November 17.
According to the affidavit and reported by Law and Crime, Allen Price and Teresa Louviere, Myer’s roommates informed authorities that “Ethan Myers had done something to Sarah Hopson” the same day Hopson was found dead. According to them, Myers acted “strange,” and they noticed him fleeing Hopson’s home covered in blood.

It is alleged that Price informed police that Myers was involved in “cult activity.”

As stated in the affidavit, investigators questioned Myers’ mother, and she said her son “hears voices.”

She also described him as “satanic.” According to Law and Crime, Myer’s mother allegedly told police that Hopson asked Myers to sacrifice her.

The charges against Myers included murder and evading arrest with the death of Hopson. Currently, he has a $1.25 million bond at Shelby County Jail.

As a result, Price and Louviere were also arrested and charged with both tampering with physical evidence and fabricating evidence with the intent to impair a human corpse.