Second Woman Found Dead at Firefighter’s Home Years Apart

ST. LOUIS — The unexpected death of a Missouri doctor at her fiancé’s home is being investigated, just over three years after another woman was found dead at the same residence. Dr. Sarah Sweeney, 39, was discovered lifeless in the Westwood area of St. Louis on January 13. While there were no signs of trauma on the body, authorities are treating her passing as a sudden death. The investigation is ongoing, and the police have yet to comment on the matter.

Sweeney was found dead in the home of her fiancé, Robert Daus, a local fire captain. The couple met while she was working in the emergency room shortly after moving to the St. Louis area. Daus had previously been involved in a tragic incident in July 2020 when his then-fiancée, Grace Holland, allegedly died by suicide. Holland’s family has disputed the suicide ruling, citing inconsistencies and concerns of domestic violence.

In the months leading up to Holland’s death, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Daus, alleging that he had controlled her finances and threatened to end the relationship. Text messages obtained as part of the lawsuit revealed the couple’s frequent fights and Daus expressing his reluctance to marry Holland. The wrongful death case is ongoing.

Sweeney’s family had sent her news stories about Holland’s death, expressing concerns about her relationship with Daus. However, by November 2021, Sweeney stopped responding to messages from her family. While her cause of death remains unknown, it is worth noting that she suffered from mast cell activation syndrome, a condition that can be life-threatening.

The late doctor had also dealt with a bone disorder and had claimed harassment by her previous employer in court records from November 2022. Sweeney’s grieving mother said she just wants closure and the truth regarding her daughter’s death.

The investigation into Dr. Sarah Sweeney’s death at her fiancé’s home in St. Louis is ongoing. The police have not yet provided any further information on the case.