Serial Killer Speculation Grows After Fourth Body Found in Lake

Austin’s Lady Bird Lake has recently gained public attention after the discovery of a fourth body there, raising fears of a possible serial killer.

The victim, John Christopher Hays-Clark, 30, was pronounced dead on-site after multiple 911 callers reported an unresponsive person in the water on Saturday at about 1:20 p.m.

Remarkably, the other three victims, a man whose identity remains unknown, and Jason John, 30, and Jonathan Honey, 33, had all been found in the same body of water this year. However, police have ruled out the possibility of foul play in any of the cases.

Police have declared no visible signs of trauma on any victims. In addition, they point to the fact that there are many access points to Lady Bird Lake, which close at 10 p.m., as a humble reminder to the public to avoid entering the area at night.

Even though the police have yet to find a link between the four deaths in Austin’s lake, suspicion still lingers. The members of the highly-active Facebook page, “Lady Bird Lake Serial Killer / Rainey St Killer,” express their doubts about the lack of similarities shared among the victims.

John Kelly, a renowned criminal profiler and psychotherapist who has interviewed multiple serial killers, suggests that it is worth looking into whether or not the Austin victims have anything in common. According to reports, the four deceased, aged between 30 and up, were witnessed around Rainey Street moments before their bodies were found in their final resting place, the lake.

The police have yet to find substantial proof that a serial killer is behind the events in Austin’s lake, but investigations are still ongoing. The Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office is working on determining the cause of death of Jonathan Honey.