Sheriff’s Deputy Dies While Protecting 8-Year-Old Son From Dog Attack

The Indianapolis community experienced the devastating loss of Marion County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tamieka White as she was killed in a cruel and sudden dog attack while protecting her eight-year-old son.

Indianapolis Police Officers were called to White’s home at around 7:45 Tuesday evening to discover White had already died at the scene. Reports state an officer had to shoot the attacking dog after it charged at officers attempting to impede. White’s son had suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

A neighbor who witnessed the attack described the harrowing scene, saying the boy showed signs of shock and repeatedly asked people to inspect his wound. Indianapolis Animal Care Services removed the remains of the attacking animal, identified as a ‘pit bull-like’ breed, as well as three additional dogs and a cat from White’s house.

The agency reported that an animal control officer had been summoned to the location on Saturday because two dogs were reported as loose and potential threats.

White had been an esteemed and beloved Marion County Sheriff’s Office member since 2007 and had been dog-sitting the animal when it suddenly turned on her and her son. Sheriff Kerry Forester released a statement in honor of White, gratefully acknowledging her 17 years of service and mourning her passing as a ‘bright light to all who knew her.’

The loss of Deputy Tamieka White has devastated the Indianapolis community, bringing attention to the dangers of dog attacks, even in seemingly safe environments. White was a loved public servant whose memory will remain with those close to her. During this heartbreaking time, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department has asked the community to keep White’s friends, family, and colleagues in their thoughts and prayers.