Shocking Details Released After Mom Murders Children

FESTUS, Mo. — A woman in Missouri confessed to police last week her gruesome act of killing both of her children, including a shocking attempt to “sacrifice” her two-year-old son before the murders, according to court documents. Ashley Parmeley, 36, told officers at the Festus Police Department that she had shot her nine-year-old daughter, Scarlet. However, new details reveal that Parmeley first tried to sacrifice her son in St. Francois County before ultimately shooting her daughter.

The disturbing incident unfolded when Parmeley, after shooting Scarlet, was driving north with both children in the car. Realizing that her initial attempt to end her son Isaac’s life had failed, she then allegedly drowned him at Timber Creek Resort, located on the outskirts of St. Louis, just 13 miles away from the police station where she later turned herself in. Parmeley’s wet and disheveled appearance upon her arrival at the police station immediately raised concerns.

The Jefferson County Prosecutor’s Office announced on Wednesday that the charges against Parmeley have been upgraded to first-degree murder for both her son and daughter. Additionally, recent revelations about Parmeley’s mental health indicate that she changed her Facebook profile picture to a black screen leading up to the double murders. Four years ago, she also posted about her struggles with depression and feeling inadequate as a caregiver for her children.

Further information shows that Parmeley was involved in a custody battle with Scarlet’s father, which began when the girl was born in 2015 and was resolved earlier this year. During the custody proceedings, Parmeley gained custody of her 11-year-old niece. The tragic loss of Scarlet and Isaac has left the community in shock, with neighbors expressing disbelief at the heartbreaking news.

A vigil was held in honor of the two children, with a local softball game proceeding as planned, which was the sport that Scarlet had loved. Balloons were released in her memory by her teammates at the start of the game. Scarlet was set to enter fourth grade at Festus Elementary School next year, described by her teachers and administrators as a lively, caring, and compassionate student.

Parmeley is currently being held without bond at the Jefferson County Jail in Missouri. The severity of the charges against her means that she could face the death penalty or life in prison with the possibility of parole. The case highlights the devastating consequences of mental health struggles and raises questions about the adequacy of support systems for parents facing such challenges.