Slicing avocados: certain knives make them turn brown faster

You’re slicing avocados wrong – the mistake that could make them turn brown faster – The Sun

When hoping to enjoy your avocado, avoid reaching for the metal knife; while this is the usual method of preparing this tasty fruit, it will cause the avocado to brown more quickly, as The U.S. Sun reported. And considering how fast they turn nasty, you don’t want to accelerate that process.

Luckily, a straightforward substitution will help you enjoy avocados longer, as All Recipes reports. The lesser-known error is what kind of knife you are using. All Recipes explains: “Metal knives, especially knives that have some copper and iron in them (which is any stainless steel knife), will begin the browning process on the avocados much earlier than with other materials.”

This is an issue that avocado lovers know too well. Many of us have cut an avocado in half, hoping to use one half at a later date, only to come back to find that it has started turning brown in just a few hours.

But when you learn that metal knives accelerate the process, it is not hard to understand where so many of us went wrong. So, what is the solution? Switch out the metal knives for a plastic or ceramic substitute.

While neither of these will stop the oxidization process when the fruit turns brown, you will likely find that your avocados last much longer than they did if you used a metal knife. According to the Food Network, you can add some lemon or lime juice to the top and cover it with plastic wrap before putting it in the refrigerator.  That will also help, too.

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