Snowboarder Fends Off Mountain Lion Attack

LOGAN, Utah — A snowboarding trip turned into a fight for survival for Charlie Duffy when he found himself face-to-face with a mountain lion on the slopes of Beaver Mountain. Duffy took to Instagram to share the terrifying encounter, recounting how he used his snowboard to defend himself against the large feline on Sunday, February 4.

The harrowing incident began when Duffy noticed fresh paw prints on the snowy trail, immediately putting him on high alert. Moments later, just a few steps away, he spotted the mountain lion preparing to pounce.

Reacting swiftly, Duffy grasped his snowboard and swung it at the approaching mountain lion, successfully knocking the predator to the ground. However, the danger was far from over.

Despite being injured from the snowboard strike, the desperate and starving mountain lion got back on its feet and continued to approach Duffy. The snowboarder managed to keep the animal at a safe distance until it became disoriented and ran off.

Duffy escaped the encounter with only minor scratches and a torn jacket, though his gear bore the marks of the mountain lion’s attack. Sharing photos of his damaged gear on Instagram, his story quickly gained attention.

Grateful for his safety, snowboard companies Nitro and 686 both reached out to Duffy, offering to replace or repair his damaged equipment. Nitro Snowboards commented on his post, expressing relief and promising to send him a new board. 686 also pledged to fix the damage.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers present in the great outdoors, even during recreational activities like snowboarding. Duffy’s quick thinking and use of his snowboard likely prevented a more severe outcome.