Socialite Driving 100 Mph Reportedly Hits and Kills Man on Sidewalk Enjoying First Date

Last Thursday, April 19th, tragedy struck in Houston, Texas. After reportedly driving her Porsche at a staggering 100 mph while intoxicated, 32-year-old socialite Kristina Chambers crashed into 33-year-old Joseph McMullin.

Chambers’ reckless decision to get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit has left McMullin’s family and friends in shock.

The accident occurred as McMullin was on a first date with Briana Iturrino. They were strolling to a donut shop when Chambers’ car sped out of nowhere and headed straight for the couple. Iturrino felt the hot impact graze her hip and immediately knew something was wrong.

McMullin was an ardent young man who cherished music, the arts, movies, social justice, and, most importantly, people. He sought a career in the audiovisual industry and was also an adept administrative specialist at KBR. Despite the horrific accident, McMullin’s family continues to honor his memory and implore others to make responsible decisions regarding drinking and driving.

Chambers was also injured in the crash. She was brought into court yesterday sporting a sling on her arm. She is currently being held on a $50,000 bond. However, this incident serves as a reminder to always stay conscious of the real risks of drinking and driving.