Stunt Plane Crashes During Gender Reveal Party, 1 Dead

A festive occasion turned tragic in Sinaloa, Mexico, when a small aircraft, hired for a gender reveal party, crashed, resulting in the death of the pilot. The expecting couple had arranged for the plane to release colored powder, indicating the gender of their unborn child. As the aircraft flew over the gathering, it released pink smoke, signifying the couple was expecting a girl.

The joyous moment, however, was marred by disaster. As the couple and their guests celebrated beneath the pink cloud, the Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee aircraft suddenly veered upwards, its wing collapsing mid-flight. The plane spiraled uncontrollably, eventually crashing beyond the palm trees that framed the couple’s picturesque celebration in the town of San Pedro, Sinaloa.

Unaware of the unfolding catastrophe, the couple and their guests continued to celebrate. The pilot, identified by local media as 32-year-old Luis Angel N., was the sole occupant of the plane. He was found amidst the wreckage following the crash.

Emergency services rushed Luis Angel N. to the hospital, but he tragically succumbed to his injuries, as reported by the Aviation Safety Network. Images and clips of the horrific incident have since circulated on social media, revealing the extent of the damage to the aircraft.

Footage from the scene showed the plane, still trailing pink powder, tumbling through the sky before crashing. The aircraft flew past a parking lot before finally hitting the ground.

This incident is not the first time a gender reveal party has resulted in tragedy. In recent years, as people have sought more creative and dramatic ways to announce their baby’s gender, the risks associated with these events have increased.

The incident in Sinaloa occurred as the couple and their guests eagerly awaited the gender reveal. Local outlet Linea Directa reported that Luis Ángel N. was trapped in the wreckage following the crash. Red Cross staff were seen pulling the pilot from the debris in images shared by Breaking Aviation News.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident.