Suburban Wife Charged with Murder After Blood Stained Gun Found in Purse

PROVO, Utah — A Provo woman has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder after shooting and killing her husband, despite initially claiming self-defense. Melissa Johnson-Fausett, 56, allegedly told police that she shot her husband, Corry Fausett, after he attacked her. However, investigators found evidence to contradict her version of events.

Upon responding to Johnson-Fausett’s call on the evening of January 6, police discovered Fausett’s lifeless body in the hallway of their Utah home. Johnson-Fausett was subsequently taken into custody. The Provo Police Department has not disclosed further details about the ongoing investigation.

According to court documents, Johnson-Fausett asserted that her husband had choked and struck her upon entering their bedroom. Claiming fear for her life, she stated that she retrieved a nearby gun and fired at him as he left the room. She continued shooting as Fausett allegedly threatened to find another firearm elsewhere in the house.

However, detectives found inconsistencies in Johnson-Fausett’s account. The victim’s injuries included four gunshot wounds, with two to his face exhibiting burn marks suggesting close-range shots. Moreover, evidence at the scene indicated that one of the shots may have been fired when Fausett was already on the ground, and there was no evidence of him posing a threat to Johnson-Fausett’s safety after falling. Additionally, a blood-spattered gun was found in Johnson-Fausett’s purse, which she claimed was from shooting rabbits at close range in the desert. Blood tests determined it to be human blood.

Johnson-Fausett, who had initially reported an injury to her head, was evaluated by medical professionals who found no evidence of such an injury. Police concluded that the evidence contradicted her statements and charged her with first-degree murder. She is currently being held at the Utah County Jail without bail.

The case continues to be investigated, and further details have not been released by the Provo Police Department.