Supreme Court Will Not Be Bullied – Justice Clarence Thomas

Thomas says government institutions shouldn’t be ‘bullied’ following leak of draft opinion on abortion – CNN

Clarence Thomas said the Supreme Court could not be bullied into giving desirable outcomes and that the events of earlier this week are a symptom of that.

Chief Justice John Roberts called the leak “absolutely appalling” and dismissed any question that would affect the Supreme Court’s final decision.

Justice Clarence Thomas said Friday that the leak of a draft majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was one symptom of attempts to manipulate government institutions.

Thomas reiterated that he believes the Supreme Court should not follow a strict reading of the legal principle called “stare decisis” and should take a fresh look at established precedent.

Thomas has expressed similar sentiments before, but a draft opinion indicating a majority of the court intends to overturn a nearly 50-year-old precedent comes at the same time as the release of 29 text messages between Mark Meadows and Virginia “Ginni” Thomas.

The existence of texts between Thomas and his wife infuriated critics. Thomas was the lone public dissenter when the court allowed the release of White House documents to House investigators.

Justice Thomas was not asked about the ethics controversy and didn’t answer any questions about the leak of his draft opinion. He spoke about his “bias” toward hiring clerks from modest circumstances and said opinion writing should be straightforward.

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