Mom Of Murdered LA Cop Blames District Attorney For Son’s Death

Parents of slain California police officer demand LA DA Gascon be recalled: ‘He’s destroyed so many lives’ – Fox News The parents of a slain California police officer are demanding Los Angeles DA George Gascon be recalled for his far-left policies. They say Gascon’s policies are to blame for their son’s death. Gunman Justin Flores,35, shot and killed El Monte Police Department Officer Joseph Santana, 31, and Cpl. Michael Paredes, 42, after they were sent …

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Man Drowns In Lake After Officers Refuse To Help Him

Bodycam shows Arizona officers stand by while man drowns, begs for help – New York Post

Police were responding to a reported disturbance between a couple when one of the people jumped into the lake. The police told the man not to swim in the lake, but the man took a few strokes out from the shore before he drowned.

A 12-minute video shows police talking to Sean Bickings and his wife near the Tempe City of the Arts and the Tempe Town Lake on May 28. Bickings told police he planned to drown in the lake.

Bickings was allegedly trying to escape arrest by swimming. When he was unable to swim to a nearby pylon when he was instructed to do so, an officer told him he wouldn’t be helped and that another officer was getting a boat.

The woman he was with told the officers to save Bickings when she saw that he hadn’t swam to the surface in too long of a time. She tried to jump off the railing to save the man, but was stopped by police.

A police body-cam video shows Sean Bickings talking to officers before he jumped into Tempe Town Lake. The video cuts out before Bickings is heard struggling in the water.

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Ron DeSantis Seeks to Pay Police More as Cancel Culture Spirals

( – Across the country, several Democratic-led states and large cities defunded their police departments in 2020. The result was a massive crime wave that left Democratic leaders scrambling to put some of the diverted funds back into police budgets. One Republican governor took a completely different stance. Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is trying to entice dissatisfied police from Democratic areas to come and work in Florida. DeSantis proposes pay increases for Florida officers …

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