New Claim Emerges About Putin’s Cancer Battle

It has been reported that Vladimir Putin has been receiving Western treatment for his cancer so he may continue to direct his troops in the Ukraine conflict. The Russian leader is said to be battling prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. He turned 70 years old more than two months ago. President Putin’s supposed health struggles have dominated his public appearances, with him at times uncontrollably shaking, twitching, and fidgeting. The Russian historian and …

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Putin has serious fall down the stairs and ‘soils’ himself, fueling speculation regarding his health

Russian President Vladimir Putin fell down the stairs this week and soiled himself amid growing speculation that his health is deteriorating, according to an anti-Kremlin Telegram channel affiliated with his security team. The 70-year-old Russian president fell at his official residence in Moscow on Wednesday evening, according to the Telegram channel “General SVR” run by a former Russian spy. It has been reported that the ailing Russian leader fell five steps before landing on his …

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National Intelligence Director Warns: Putin could use Nukes to Win Ukraine War

National Intelligence Director Avril Haines Warns Vladimir Putin Could Take Extreme Steps to Win Ukraine War – The Daily Beast The top US intelligence official warned that Putin could view defeat in Ukraine as an existential threat to his regime and that he could use a nuclear weapon if he felt his position in Moscow was at risk. The director of national intelligence said Putin would continue to brandish his nuclear arsenal to deter the …

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Putin’s alleged $700M Superyacht Seized

Putin’s alleged $700M superyacht seized in Italy – Fox Business

Italian officials seized a $700 million luxury yacht with ties to the Russian government, and Russia moved troops to Mariupol ahead of the Victory Day parade.

The Italian finance ministry said the 459-foot yacht flew the Cayman Islands flag and had “prominent” links to Russians targeted under EU sanctions.

Italy’s financial police patrol boat is seen in front of the Putin yacht Scheherazade, which was banned from leaving the port by a decree passed by the Italian Finance Minister.

The Ukrainian president called on Italy to block the assets of murderers in a March address to the parliament.

Ukraine has pressed the international community to impose harsher sanctions on Russia. Several nations have already made moves to cut oil ties with Russia.

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Putin Starts Testing on a Brand-New Ballistic Missile

( – Everything old is new again, including the threat of mutual nuclear destruction, it seems. Russia launched a test flight of its newest Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile on Wednesday, April 20, after notifying US officials per the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). Russian army personnel launched the 200 metric ton missile from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in far northwestern Russia to a landing site on the Kura firing range on the Kamchatka peninsula in …

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Psaki Desperately Shifts Blame on Big-Bad Putin For Biden’s Failures

( – Inflation has been a growing problem for over a year. Coming off the back of extreme lockdowns during the pandemic, President Joe Biden said the government expected some level of inflation as the economy stabilized. For months, he said the problem was transitory and temporary. Some economists pushed back on that assertion and said the fundamental trends in the economy suggested longer-term inflationary pressures. By the fall, the administration was blaming inflation on …

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RT Gushes Over Tucker Carlson, Suggests He Interview Putin

( – Over the last year, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made comments that some interpreted as overly friendly to Russia and President Vladimir Putin. Despite such allegations, Carlson denies the criticisms. The popular conservative news host made the case that if Russia or China attempted to gain a footing in Cuba or Mexico, the US would be very unhappy about it. He questioned why Russia would feel any different about NATO in their own …

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Putin Reacts to Potential Sanctions Against His Country

( – The United States and its European allies are at odds with Russia. Reports suggest war could break out at any time if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine. Over the last month, the Russian military amassed over 100,000 soldiers on the border between the two former Soviet bloc countries and continued bringing in military hardware. Russia claims it has no intention to invade but demands that NATO agree to never admit Ukraine as a …

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Despite Negotiations, Putin Runs Power Play Against Biden

( – In December, Russia positioned 100,000 troops along the Russia and Ukrainian border over concerns that NATO could bring Ukraine into its fold and intrude too close to the Russian border. The US says it will not accept Russia’s position to walk away from former Soviet bloc countries. In turn, the Russians stoked international tensions and threatened war and invasion of its former communist state. On Monday, January 10, the US, Europe, and Russia …

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Hillary Clinton Slams Republicans, Says They Are Doing Putin’s Work

( – Hillary Clinton’s back to offer more misinformation and divisiveness. It seems to be a special gift of the former first lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and failed Democratic presidential candidate. Ahead of President Joe Biden’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Clinton appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and slammed the GOP for supposedly doing Putin’s work. Hillary Clinton slams Republicans for "flirtation" with Putin model of governing. — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June …

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