Teen Charged with Killing Her Own Baby in Horrific Way

GORDAN, Neb. — A 16-year-old girl from Nebraska has been charged with first-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony after allegedly stabbing and killing her newborn. The incident occurred in the town of Gordon, located in Sheridan County.

According to court records, the teenager’s identity is being withheld at this time. Authorities were alerted to the situation on Monday evening when they received a report about a teenager who had given birth, and the baby was not breathing.

Upon arriving at the home, an officer was met by the father who informed them that it was too late and directed them to the location of the newborn. Inside the house, the mother was heard yelling, implicating the 16-year-old in the death of the baby and stating that there were visible marks.

Upon closer inspection, the officer discovered that the newborn’s throat had been cut and there were multiple stab wounds evident. The girl’s mother reported finding blood smeared on the walls and floors of the teenager’s bedroom prior to her return from the store.

After an argument between the mother and daughter, the teenager allegedly confessed to killing the baby, saying, “It was dead; she killed it.” The father subsequently found the newborn in a plastic dog food bag and trash bag, hidden amongst clothes in the teenager’s closet.

Following the discovery, the father attempted CPR on the baby and called 911 for emergency assistance. The teenager was taken to the hospital for surgery the same day and was served with an arrest warrant the following day. She is currently being held without bond and her next court hearing is scheduled for November 16th.

The circumstances surrounding this tragic incident are still under investigation, and authorities have not provided any additional details at this time.