Teen Dies After Freak Accident in Gym Class

The death of 16-year-old Brayden Bahme, affectionately known as “Fish Pockets,” has left the Cheney High School community in shock and mourning.

On April 27, the Cheney native tragically passed away after being fatally impaled through his eye during gym class in Washington State. Fire Chief Tom Jenkins reported the injury was not sustainable with life.

The tragedy quickly prompted an outpouring of remembrance and support from the community. To honor Bahme, a candlelight vigil was held at the school on Monday evening.

Many attendees donated fishing gear in tribute to the avid angler, and a GoFundMe page was established to cover funeral expenses. The fundraiser has since raised over $20,000, and the remaining funds will be used to create a youth fishing program in Bahme’s name.

A classmate and soccer teammate said in a Facebook Post Brayden was “one of the most nicest and most respectful students” they had ever met. Representative of his uplifting spirit, some of his friends remembered Brayden as “the life of the room” at school events.

The death of Brayden Bahme is a heartfelt reminder of life’s unpredictable, finite nature. His legacy will live on through donations to his GoFundMe page, the fishing gear given in his honor, and the youth fishing program bearing his name. Brayden Bahme will be remembered for his tremendous kindness, respect, and enthusiasm for the sport of fishing.