Teen Missing After Jumping Off Cruise Boat on Dare

On Wednesday evening, Cameron Robbins, an 18-year-old from Louisiana who had recently graduated from University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, was on a sunset dinner cruise in the Bahamas with a group of students from local high schools.

Witnesses report that at 9:40 p.m., Robbins, acting on a dare, jumped off the boat into the dark waters near Athol Island and was not seen again, as reported by WAFB.

The vessel, designed in the form of a pirate ship, stayed in the area for several hours to locate Robbins. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the US Coast Guard Southeast have been searching for Robbins from the sky.

On Friday night, Lt. Cmdr. Matt Spado, the Coast Guard liaison officer, announced that the search for Robbins has been suspended.

Robbins’ school director, Kevin George, stated that Robbins had attended the school for all 13 years of his education and was a pitcher on the school’s baseball team; his younger sister is currently a junior at the school. George also mentioned that they were all praying for Robbins’ safe return.

On Thursday, the parents of Robbins arrived in the Bahamas, where a prayer service was conducted at the resort where he was residing. Another prayer gathering for Robbins was held on the same day at his past school in Baton Rouge.