Teen Tragically Dies Photographing Scenic Overlook

Hanksville, Utah – A young man’s attempt to capture stunning landscape photographs ended in tragedy as he fell to his death at a popular canyon overlook in Utah. Jonathan Fielding, a 19-year-old from Orem, tragically lost his life while hiking with friends near Moonscape Overlook just outside the town of Hanksville. Authorities have deemed Fielding’s death accidental, reinforcing the importance of safety and caution when engaging in outdoor activities near precipices.

Authorities from Wayne County Sheriff’s Office have determined that Fielding stopped along the trail to take pictures with his friends before the fatal incident occurred. It’s important to note that the group was not canyoneering at the time, dispelling any assumptions about the nature of their outing. Investigators believe that Fielding may have been seeking a better vantage point of the canyon when the accident tragically took place.

Fielding’s friends and family have described him as a remarkable young man full of energy and genuine care for others.The news of Fielding’s tragic demise has left his loved ones mourning and grappling with the reality of his untimely passing.

Fielding’s sister, Rebecca, took to social media to express her heartbreak and share an important message regarding the potential dangers present in natural landscapes. She cautioned against placing undue trust in the stability of ground on cliff edges, emphasizing that no photograph or view is worth risking one’s life or subjecting loved ones and rescuers to pain and suffering.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation to determine the circumstances leading up to Jonathan Fielding’s fatal fall. This sad event serves as a somber reminder to exercise caution and prioritize safety while enjoying the wonders of the outdoors.