This Couple Made A $400,000 Profit After Renovating A Historic Home- Here’s How

This couple bought and renovated a 109-year-old mansion for less than $500,000. Now it’s worth $900,000–take a look inside – CNBC

Abby and her husband Trey bought a dilapidated house that needed $268,000 worth of renovations. They spent most of their funds on preserving the home’s original elements, like its 109-year-old wooden floors.

They found the home on Zillow and consulted a variety of contractors to see the work that they would have to complete in order to make the mansion livable again,

The home had previously belonged to the Page family, who were wealthy industrialists in the area that founded several towns in North Carolina. Their house looked like a time capsule and was near condemned when Abby and Trey Borthers bought it.

Abby and Trey Brothers found the listing for the 109-year-old Page Mansion on Zillow before the couple moved in 2018. They transformed the vacant house into their DIY dream home.

Abby and Trey saw a listing for a mansion online, and were attracted to its history. When they went to see the home in person, they found remains of the history scattered throughout the vacant mansion.

Trey saw potential in the brick home, but knew it needed major renovations. He and his wife Abby spent $268,000 renovating the Page Mansion, keeping much of the house’s old features, furnishing and even furniture.

The Brothers family has lived in the renewed mansion for three years. They are still finishing up some projects.

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