Toddler Critically Injured After Shooting Herself With Gun Found in Daycare Playground

Las Vegas, Nevada – A tragic incident unfolded at a daycare on Friday in Las Vegas when a 2-year-old toddler accidentally shot herself with a gun that had been discarded in the facility’s playground.

According to reports, the toddler picked up the gun, causing it to discharge and critically injure her. The police have revealed that the firearm was dropped at the playground by a teenager who was allegedly involved in an altercation on a city bus. The teenager reportedly shot a man on the bus and then fled through the daycare playground.

The identity of the teenager has not been disclosed due to their age, but they were apprehended shortly after the incident. The young toddler is currently in a medically induced coma after being shot in the chest, just three inches away from her heart. The man who was shot on the city bus is also receiving medical treatment.

This tragic event highlights the importance of gun safety and the potential dangers that can arise when firearms are not properly secured. Incidents like these serve as a reminder for parents and caregivers to be vigilant in ensuring the safety of children, especially in public spaces such as playgrounds.

Authorities are investigating how the teenager obtained the gun and whether any charges will be filed against them. The daycare is also facing scrutiny as questions arise about their security measures and how the discarded firearm went unnoticed.

As the community grapples with this heartbreaking incident, it serves as a somber reminder of the need for stricter gun control measures and increased awareness of responsible gun ownership. The Las Vegas community is rallying around the toddler and her family, offering support and prayers during this difficult time.