Toddler’s Body Found Stuffed in Bag in Basement of Home

An arrest has been made in the tragic case of a 2-year-old boy who was allegedly beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend in Oil City, Pennsylvania. The suspect, 24-year-old Trevaughn Lee Glenn Stribling-Jackson, has been charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, concealment of the whereabouts of a child, and abuse of a corpse, according to court records.

The child, Keaton Morrison, was found stuffed inside a canvas air mattress bag that had been hidden in the basement of the home. Disturbingly, authorities discovered that the toddler had suffered burns to his groin and blunt force trauma injuries to his head and neck.

The mother of the victim, 22-year-old Caleigh Gladfelter, was also taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. It is alleged that Gladfelter was aware of the ongoing physical abuse inflicted upon her son by Stribling-Jackson.

Gladfelter initially reported her son missing to the Oil City Police Department, stating that she had last seen him before leaving for work on Monday. Upon returning home, she discovered the boy was not there and became concerned when Stribling-Jackson provided inconsistent accounts of the child’s whereabouts.

Authorities conducting a search of the home on Wednesday found Keaton’s lifeless body hidden under a makeshift table in the basement. Medics noted severe injuries and a burn mark on the toddler’s inner groin.

Neighbors in the community expressed shock and sadness over the tragic death, but many stated that they were not surprised given the tumultuous history of the home. Reports suggested that the residence had a reputation for transience and drug activity.

Stribling-Jackson appeared in court where he was ordered to be held without bond. He is scheduled to return to court on January 3.