Tragic Amusement Park Accident in France Leaves Teen Dead, Another Critically Injured

A tragic incident unfolded at an amusement park in the resort town of Cap d’Agde, located on France’s southern coast when two teenagers fell from a high-speed ride on Sunday. The accident, which occurred at Luna Park, resulted in the death of a 17-year-old boy and left a 19-year-old woman critically injured. The victims fell from a height of 180ft from the ride, known as ‘Adrenaline.’

Local prosecutor Raphael Balland confirmed the incident, stating that the two victims were involved in an accident while on the ‘Adrenaline’ ride. The 17-year-old boy succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while the 19-year-old woman was rushed to a hospital in Montpellier in a critical condition. Balland added that the teenagers hit obstacles as they fell from the cable swing ride, which is known to reach speeds of up to 70mph.

The park was closed on Sunday morning following the accident. An investigation into the incident has been launched, and four individuals, including the theme park manager, were taken into police custody for questioning. They were later released as the investigation continues.

Cap d’Adge’s mayor, Gilles d’Ettore, noted that Saturday night had been unusually windy for Agde, which could have potentially contributed to the accident. The investigation will seek to determine whether the ride should have been operational during the high winds and if there was a mechanical failure.

The ‘Adrenaline’ ride involves passengers being strapped into harnesses and winched 180ft into the air before being released to swing at high speeds on a cable. Witnesses reported to local media that the cable had deviated from its usual path, causing the riders to hit the metal pylon that supports the ride and subsequently being ejected from their harnesses.

This is not the first incident at Luna Park. In 2019, a man required stitches after grazing his head on the ground while on the ‘Adrenaline’ ride. In 2015, a young couple was thrown from a slingshot ride when it snapped mid-air, leaving them hanging for over an hour before firefighters could rescue them.

The investigation into the recent tragedy is ongoing.