Tragic Hunting Incident Kills Teen

Amelia County, Virginia – The community is mourning the tragic loss of 18-year-old Lilly Patman, who was fatally shot during a deer hunting outing in Amelia County on December 29, 2023. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources’ Conservation Police reported that the incident occurred in the vicinity of Egglestetton Road.

According to officials, Patman was part of a small group of hunters when the tragic incident took place. Another member of the hunting party discovered her lifeless body. Initial investigations suggest that Patman suffered a single gunshot wound. As of now, the Department of Wildlife Resources and its Conservation Police Officers are still actively investigating the incident.

Lilly Patman, a former student of Thomas Dale High School, Ignite Christian Academy, and Brightpoint Community College, was remembered as a devoted Christian who drew strength from her faith. She had a deep passion for her family and was a loving sister to her three siblings.

The community, family, and friends will pay their final respects to Lilly Patman on Saturday, January 6, at her upcoming funeral. As the investigation continues, authorities are urging caution and adherence to safety protocols during hunting activities.