Twin Sisters Charged with Murdering Their 70-Year-Old Father With Garden Shears

In a tragic incident that has left the Woonsocket, Rhode Island community in shock, twin sisters Jennifer and Danielle Pamula, both 38 years old, have been charged with the murder of their 70-year-old father, Joseph Pamula.

On January 30th, police officers responded to a call at the Pamula residence on Cato Street. They tragically discovered Joseph dead inside the home, having been stabbed in the neck with a large pair of garden shears.

Jennifer was questioned immediately, while Danielle initially maintained that she had been taking a shower and then a nap when she woke up to find her father dead.

However, Danielle later confessed to having been involved in the killing, saying it resulted from an argument over the family’s home being sold and cats that would be removed.

Police Chief Thomas Oates added that the police had been to the residence previously for domestic disturbances, but those calls had never risen to such an extreme level.

The sisters were arraigned on Thursday and Friday last week and are now jailed without bail. This tragic event has illuminated the damage and pain that domestic violence can cause and serves as a reminder that violence is never the answer.