Unthinkable Tragedy: Son Runs Over Father Multiple Times

Treasure Island, Florida – A tragic incident unfolded on Saturday night as an 86-year-old man was repeatedly run over by a truck driven by his own son. The elderly man, identified as Thomas McKeown, was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries, according to officials. Pinellas County deputies were called to R Bar on Saturday evening in response to the incident.

The authorities arrived at the scene to find a black Dodge Ram parked in the lot, its engine still running. Investigations revealed that Thomas McKeown had approached the truck and seemingly fallen in front of it. Shockingly, the vehicle began to move and relentlessly ran over the elderly man, dragging him along. The truck then reversed and moved forward multiple times, repeatedly striking Thomas, before fleeing the scene.

Following further inquiry, deputies concluded that the driver responsible for this heart-wrenching tragedy was none other than Thomas McKeown’s son, 61-year-old Mark McKeown. Mark was subsequently apprehended by law enforcement and charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving death.

Despite immediate medical attention, Thomas McKeown’s injuries proved fatal, leaving the community in mourning. Authorities have not ruled out the possibility that the driver may have been impaired at the time of the incident. The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

The case continues to unfold, leaving family, friends, and the community devastated in the wake of this unimaginable tragedy.