7 Killed After Gunmen Attack Mexican Resort

On Saturday afternoon at about 4:30 local time, tragedy struck at La Palma Resort in Cortazar, Mexico, when gunmen raided the area, leaving seven dead and one seriously injured. Included in the victims was a 7-year-old child, sending shockwaves through the resort and beyond.

The attackers had no hesitation in firing shots, resulting in seven deaths, before taking the security cameras to escape justice.

Surveying what had been a scene of relaxation only moments before, residents on vacation were left traumatized. It was reported that those killed included 3 men and 3 women, and a child.

The authorities have yet to unveil who is behind this violent attack, and the proposed motive is unknown; nonetheless, it is speculated that drug cartels in Cortazar, who have been known to engage in skirmishes in the past, are involved.

The motive may not be known immediately, but one thing is clear – the attackers showed no mercy in taking the lives of seven innocent people, including a child.

The La Palma Resort was left in chaos and fear as the attackers poisoned the atmosphere with terror. The attackers destroyed the resort’s spa store before stealing the security cameras and the monitor and running away.

This heinous attack is a grim reminder that Mexico continues to suffer from violent outbreaks throughout the country. The peace of mind of those in Cortazar has been destroyed, and it is incumbent upon the authorities to have justice served to the perpetrators to bring a sense of order back to the community.