‘Vampire’ Kills Man and Terrorizes Mentally Handicap Teen

Man Convicted of Sexual Terrorizing Mentally Disabled Teenager in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Waukesha, Wisconsin – A 35-year-old transgender woman, who identified as a vampire, has been found guilty of sexually terrorizing a mentally disabled 16-year-old girl in Wisconsin. The woman, Adam ‘Sabrina’ Hetke, was under investigation for the murder of a man in her Milwaukee home when she committed the sexual assault. Hetke had a history of sex offenses and was previously warned by the police that she had a high probability of reoffending.

Just weeks before the assault on the teenager, Hetke allegedly confessed to strangling a man to death in Milwaukee, claiming she was the devil who could bring him back to life. It was only after the sexual assault on the 16-year-old that Hetke was arrested for the murder.

Investigations revealed that Hetke had begun identifying as a woman after her latest release from jail in 2020. She was living with three women in Milwaukee when she invited a young man with learning difficulties to their house. The man, Vydale Thompson-Moody, was found dead the next morning with marks on his neck and forehead. One of the housemates disclosed that Hetke had bullied Thompson-Moody and wrapped a cord around his neck, claiming to remove demons from him.

Hetke was subsequently arrested but was released on administrative release due to a lack of charges. Thompson-Moody’s mother, Serena, took matters into her own hands and tracked down a witness who revealed Hetke’s admission of wanting to kill her son for showing disrespect.

Following additional evidence, Hetke was arrested again for Thompson-Moody’s murder. Meanwhile, she faced charges of first-degree sexual assault and second-degree sexual assault of a mentally disabled person for the attack on the teenager.

Hetke underwent two examinations to determine her mental state but was found to be sane. She was recently convicted by a jury and awaits sentencing on June 7.

The case highlights the significant risk posed by Hetke’s release despite past convictions and warnings from law enforcement. Serena Thompson, the mother of the slain Thompson-Moody, expressed her frustration at the authorities, stating that the crimes could have been prevented.

Hetke’s disturbing actions and the tragic consequences reveal the vulnerability of individuals with disabilities, emphasizing the need for greater protection and support in society.