Doctor Performed Vasectomy Surgery Powered By A Pick Up Truck

A urologist in Austin Texas performed what many believe to be the first-ever vasectomy powered by a pickup truck.  Thanks to the battery-operated Rivian truck, it was made possible.
On September 1, Dr. Christopher Yang posted on Twitter that a client had a vasectomy scheduled in his clinic, but that the power went out.  His patient already had the time off of work and did not want to have to reschedule his appointment.  A staff member at the clinic joked about using the doctor’s Rivan truck and that got the doctor thinking.  The idea snowballed and Dr. Yang soon put the plan in place.

Yang told WGLT “When talking to the patient, we mentioned that we could just reschedule the procedure itself, or, if he was up for it, we could do the vasectomy using power from the truck. And he had a good laugh as well, and we agreed.”

After the patient was on board with the idea, Yang performed the procedure with no loss of power. He said the “surgery went great.”  The truck was able to give enough power to the medical supplies needed as well as power a fan in the room.

Yang shared with WGLT, “After we were done, I told his family. We all had a good laugh together too.”

Those on Twitter got a good laugh too.  One Tweet joked, “We’ve been trying to reach you about your vasectomy’s extended warranty…”  Another Tweet added “Are you offering this service in the future? I can’t think of anything manlier or more Texan than getting my vasectomy done powered by a pickup. ”  Although not the normal way of getting the job done, it worked.

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