Viral video on social media of dog carrying severed arm, leads police to other pieces

In Jackson, Mississippi, police found pieces of a decapitated body for three days after seeing a video of a stray dog carrying a severed arm in its mouth.

Police said they responded to a report on Saturday of a dog carrying a human body part and investigated the area, searching for the rest of the body.

There was a graphic video posted to social media showing what appeared to be a German shepherd.

Earlier this week, investigators discovered human remains in a wooded area behind a house on Sunday, and on Monday, they discovered more human remains in an abandoned house’s backyard. As of Tuesday, police were still searching for the body’s head.

“We’re still investigating; we’re still looking for remains,” stated Jackson Police Department Commander Abraham Thompson.

An inquiry was made about the incident, which was described as bizarre.

“Well, I would say, that the individual that’s responsible for it, we most definitely want to find out where his or her head was, we want to know what they were thinking,” he stated.

Scott Allen Tyler, 54, a white male, was later identified as the victim by the Hinds County coroner. There is an ongoing murder investigation, police said.

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba addressed the investigation during Monday’s media briefing.

“That is a very graphic and brutal picture. The mutilation of a body, my reaction is one of disgust, is one of concern,” Lumumba declared. “It’s not something you grow accustomed to – it’s never something you want to grow accustomed to.”

It is reported that Tyler’s death is the 117th murder committed in Jackson in 2022. There are about 150,000 residents in the city.