Washington Homeowners Find Man Living in Attic

A 24-year-old man in Mill Creek, Washington, was arrested after he illegally broke into a private home and attempted to reside in the attic.

Officials say the resident noticed something out of the ordinary when an unusual smell of cigarettes began to fill the air.

On Monday of this week, police were responding to reports of theft involving over $3,000, a passport, wallet, and more.

When they arrived, they found clear signs someone had been living in the loft, finding makeshift beds, drug paraphernalia, and food left behind.

The police told the homeowners that they were confident the culprit would return, and
the next day police were called again.

Officers on the scene spotted the suspect, 24-year-old Daniel Tomoiaga. In addition, the stolen items and a stash of drug items that included meth, 11 fentanyl pills, and more were found on his person.

Tomoiaga was taken into police custody and a judge has set his bail at $25,000.