Wife and Daughter Brutally Attack Husband and Father With Frying Pan

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. – A wife and her daughter are now facing attempted murder charges after allegedly attacking their husband and father with a frying pan in Ashland City, Tennessee. The incident occurred on January 27 and was captured on a body camera. The victim, who asked for a divorce the previous night, woke up to find his wife and daughter assaulting him with a frying pan and knife.

The Cheatham County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene after a neighbor called 911. When they arrived, they found the bloodied victim on his porch with two gashes on his head. Pam Davis, 62, and Kelly Davis, 29, were ultimately taken into custody and are currently being held at the Cheatham County Jail. However, they have since posted bail.

The victim managed to escape the attack and sought refuge at the neighbor’s house, expressing concern for his own safety. According to the police report, he arrived at the neighbor’s residence covered in blood and wearing only his underwear. The affidavit also detailed that Pam Davis allegedly choked her husband with a belt before he was able to break free. Meanwhile, Kelly Davis threatened to kill her father while holding a knife, but the victim was able to disarm her during a struggle.

Both women displayed injuries when the responding deputies entered the house. Kelly Davis tearfully claimed that the attack had been going on since the previous night and that her father had engaged in similar behavior before. However, the deputies determined that the wounds sustained by the women were superficial.

The investigation is ongoing, and further details about the motive behind the attack have not been disclosed. The victim’s current condition has also not been updated. It is unclear when Pam and Kelly Davis will appear in court for their charges, but they await trial for the alleged attempted murder.