Woman Allegedly Kills Hyperactive Boy With Allergy Medication

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina has accused a mother and her husband of criminal offenses in relation to the death of the mother’s 6-year-old son.

On the 30th of October, emergency services and law enforcement arrived at Sarah Elizabeth Stewart’s, 32, and Christopher Allen Stewart’s, 48, Greer home to find the boy, Aydon, non-responsive.

Reports claimed that he had fallen from a recliner and hit his head, causing a seizure. Paramedics declared his condition as poor, and he later passed away in the hospital.

An autopsy confirmed bruises in various stages of healing, and a toxicology report showed that the boy had overdosed on Benadryl. Enough Benadryl to cause death to a grown man.

The home was in an appalling state, and the South Carolina Department of Social Services had been made aware of an indication of child abuse. Sarah Elizabeth Stewart admitted to giving her son the medication to control his hyperactivity.

Both Sarah and Christopher have been charged with the death of the child, with Sarah being denied bond and Christopher being granted a bond of $10,000.

The biological mother of the boy had signed guardianship over to Christopher while she was serving time in federal prison in West Virginia, although the reasons remain unknown.