Woman Arrested and Charged After Intentionally Running Over and Killing 23-Year-Old Moped Rider

Bronx, New York – A woman has been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly intentionally running over and killing a 23-year-old moped rider during a road rage incident. The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Lillibeth Vasquez from Allentown, Pennsylvania, is accused of becoming enraged after the victim, Robert Jimenez, sideswiped her Honda Civic and knocked off her mirror on Saturday afternoon.

According to law enforcement sources and police, Vasquez and Jimenez both initially continued driving after the collision. However, Vasquez allegedly pursued the scooter-rider and deliberately rammed into him, causing fatal injuries. Jimenez, who lived nearby, was rushed to Lincoln Medical Center but was pronounced dead.

Following an investigation, Jimenez’s death was classified as a homicide. On Sunday, Vasquez was arrested and charged with murder and manslaughter. The suspect’s arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court is pending.

Photographs of the crash site revealed a red vehicle with significant damage to its front and the right front tire overturned. The motive behind the attack is believed to be road rage.

This tragic incident highlights the dangers of aggressive behavior on the road and the devastating consequences that can result. Road rage incidents have become a growing concern in recent years, with confrontations escalating to violence. Authorities encourage drivers to remain calm and practice patience during frustrating situations on the road to avoid potential tragedies.

The loss of Robert Jimenez serves as a grim reminder of the need for improved road safety and awareness. It is a sobering reality that a moment of anger behind the wheel can lead to irreversible consequences. As Lillibeth Vasquez awaits her day in court, communities must reflect on the importance of fostering a culture of respect and tolerance on the streets.

Authorities continue to urge anyone with information or witnesses to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.