Woman Attacked and Mauled by Dog Outside Walmart

Sulphur, LA – A 64-year-old mother of two from Sulphur, Louisiana is facing a challenging journey to recovery after being viciously mauled by a dog while offering aid to a stranger outside a Walmart in early June. Elsa Davila, known for her compassionate nature, stopped to provide assistance to a man in need on June 2, before becoming the victim of a horrifying attack. Her daughters have since turned to crowdfunding to help cover the cost of Davila’s extensive medical treatment, which includes reconstructive surgery for the injuries sustained to her face.

According to reports, the man she helped, 37-year-old Kyle Smith, was subsequently arrested for unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog and trespassing. Davila’s daughters, Savanna Gonzales and Michelle Garcia, who are her only family members in the area, described the incident as “horrible” and have appealed for both financial assistance and prayers.

Gonzales stated on the GoFundMe page that her mother has already undergone facial reconstructive surgery in New Orleans and is currently at home. However, the road to recovery will be long, and additional surgeries may be necessary. They are anxiously monitoring the progress of the skin on her face to ensure it does not further deteriorate. The family is hopeful that no more surgeries will be required.

During an on-camera interview with KPLC, Gonzales revealed the heartbreaking moment she saw her mother with a “hole in her face,” and Garcia described it as the most distressing sight of her life. The siblings also shared that the dog responsible for the attack had been known for growling at customers in the past.

The family remains grateful for the outpouring of support as they navigate through this challenging time.