Woman Bites Off Part of Ear in Violent Dispute

Two Florida women have been apprehended following a violent altercation on Independence Day that culminated in one woman biting off a portion of the other’s ear, according to local law enforcement. Dixie Stiles, 18, faces charges of battery, while Macy Regan, 23, is charged with felony battery causing bodily harm, as reported by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

The incident occurred when deputies responded to a report of assault and battery at a residence in Callaway. Upon investigation, it was discovered that an unsupervised party was taking place at a nearby house hosted by minors. The fight broke out just after midnight among several men in the yard of the house where the party was being held.

Regan was attempting to leave the scene and return to her home when she was confronted by Stiles. Stiles accused Regan of theft, alleging she had stolen alcohol and vape pens. The confrontation escalated when Regan reportedly produced a 9mm handgun from her waistband. Stiles reacted by pushing the firearm away, which led to a physical altercation.

During the ensuing fight, Regan bit off the top of Stiles’ ear, according to the authorities. The ear could not be reattached, and both women sustained multiple bruises and lacerations during the brawl, as reported by the sheriff’s office.

The charges against Stiles and Regan are serious, and the consequences of their actions on that night will likely have lasting effects. As the case progresses, it will serve as a stark reminder of the potential for violence when disputes escalate, and weapons are involved.