Woman Dies After Fortune Teller’s Grim Prediction

Maceió, Brazil – A baffling incident in the heart of Maceió, Brazil, has left authorities puzzled as a woman’s life was abruptly ended following a grim prediction by a palm reader and a seemingly innocent piece of chocolate.

The victim, identified as 27-year-old Fernanda Silva Valoz da Cruz Pinto, was reportedly approached by an elderly woman in the city center, a popular hub for fortune tellers, on August 3. The palm reader, after forecasting Pinto’s impending death, gave her a piece of chocolate. Unaware of any potential threat, Pinto consumed the candy.

In the subsequent hours, Pinto began to suffer from severe symptoms, including vomiting, dizziness, and blurred vision. She relayed her deteriorating health to her family via text messages, mentioning a bitter taste in her mouth and an overwhelming feeling of weakness. Despite Pinto’s known health issues, such as gastritis and an ulcer, her family became alarmed after learning about her encounter with the fortune teller.

Pinto was immediately taken to the Santa Casa de Misericordia hospital, where her condition rapidly declined. She tragically passed away the next day, August 4. It was not until two months later that the cause of her death was determined. Autopsy toxicology reports revealed high levels of the pesticides in her system.

Thalmanny Goulart, Head of the Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory that examined Pinto’s samples, noted that these substances are often found in poisoning cases in Brazil due to their easy availability, despite being regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply. However, the tests could not conclusively link the chocolate to Pinto’s poisoning.

The incident was reported to the police, who are still attempting to identify the palm reader. The case has been classified as “a death to be clarified,” with forensic results pending to confirm suspicions of homicide. Some officials have speculated that the fortune teller may have been contracted to kill Pinto, but the motive remains unknown.

Pinto’s cousin, Lumenita Valoz, expressed her bewilderment and sorrow, stating that they could not understand why anyone would want to harm Pinto. She leaves behind a 9-year-old daughter with special needs.