Woman Dies After Lawn Mower Runs Her Over in Park

The death of 27-year-old Christine Chavez from Modesto, California, has left her family and community in deep shock and grief.

Last Friday, July 7th, a landscaper operating a tractor with a pull-behind mower in the Beard Brook Park discovered Christine’s body in the grass after it had been mowed over.

Apparently Christine had been laying in the grass as the landscaper was mowing it and allegedly the landscaper did not see Christine.

The Stanislaus County Coroner has yet to determine the official cause of death, but the family believes the driver of the tractor should have seen her and that her remains should have been handled with more respect and care by the officials as they investigated the case. According to reports, the police have completed their investigation determining the incident to be an accident but the family is asking for more.

Her father, Christopher Chavez, is determined to get justice for his daughter and has called for the Modesto Police Department to continue a full investigation of the circumstances that led to her death.

Dez Martinez, CEO and founder of the homeless advocacy group We Are Not Invisible, is lending support to the Chavez family in their quest for justice. The group aims to make people aware of the tragedy and emphasize that homeless individuals are somebody’s daughter or son.

The death of Christine Chavez is an incredibly sad occurrence that has impacted her friends and family as well as the Modesto community. With the support of We Are Not Invisible, Christopher Chavez is determined to ensure an appropriate investigation is carried out into Christine’s death and that her case is treated with the recognition it deserves.