Woman Falls into Dumpster and is Compacted in Garbage Truck

Manchester, New Hampshire – A woman in Manchester was rescued from a garbage truck after she was found stuck inside the vehicle’s hopper, suffering from serious injuries. The incident occurred on Monday and left officials puzzled as to how the woman ended up in the dumpster in the first place.

The Manchester Fire Department said in a statement that they believe the woman was in a dumpster that was emptied into the hopper as the truck made its daily route. The refuse inside the hopper had been compacted several times, but it remains unclear if that was the cause of her injuries.

Fire Chief Ryan J. Cashin stated that the woman had been “dumped at some point.” A sanitation worker operating the truck’s video system spotted the woman inside the hopper, standing and yelling for help.

With the assistance of a rescue basket, lowered into the hopper from a ladder truck acting as a crane, firefighters were able to safely retrieve the woman. She was then transported to Elliot Hospital, a trauma facility, for treatment. The exact condition of the woman has not been disclosed.

According to Boston 25 News, the woman, an unidentified 60-year-old resident, claimed that she fell into the dumpster while disposing of trash. However, she was not alert enough to provide further details.

An ongoing investigation is being conducted to determine how the incident occurred and how long the woman had been in the dumpster before being thrown into the garbage truck.