Woman Found Tortured, Strangled, and Stabbed With Scissors; Daughter Arrested

Johana Ramos, 31, was taken into custody by the Northern York County Regional Police on Friday, charged with criminal homicide and criminal conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, without bond.

The arrest was in connection with the murder of her mother, Lourdes Ramos Baez, 67. On June 6th, police responded to a disturbance call at a home in Dover, Pennsylvania, when they encountered Ramos and her husband, William Emilio Torres Gautier, 42.

Gautier allegedly became agitated when police tried to engage with his wife, and he pushed a section of wooden fence at officers and struck one. Gautier also resisted arrest, spat at officers, and broke a squad car window and camera system.

After his arrest, police discovered the victim’s body, duct taped and bound with coat hangers, laying under a pile of clothes on her bedroom floor. She had also been strangled, and had blunt force injuries on her head and neck. Scissors had been stabbed into her back, and her right Achilles tendon had been cut.

A white substance, believed to be salt, had been poured over her. In an interview, Gautier’s wife said that the night before the murder, her husband told her he planned to take all of Ramos’ money.

Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for July 7th and August 1st, respectively.