Woman Guilty of Manslaughter in 4-Year-Old Nephew’s Death

A woman in Mobile, Alabama, has entered a guilty plea to manslaughter for beating her 4-year-old nephew to death, King Lyons. Yolanda Denise Coale, 55, has admitted to the crime that initially resulted in charges against both her and the victim’s 9-year-old sister. However, the case against the sister has since been dropped, as it was determined she had no involvement in the tragic incident. Coale’s plea brings relief to the young girl, who had been wrongly blamed by her aunt.

During a preliminary hearing, disturbing details emerged regarding King Lyons’ death. Officer Lydia Simmons testified that the young boy was found lifeless, lying on his back with a pink towel covering his face. He displayed bruises under his eyes, cuts on his nose and lips, as well as other signs of abuse. A 6-year-old relative provided harrowing testimony, recounting numerous instances in which Coale struck and whipped King with objects such as a belt, a back scratcher, and an electrical cord. The child also mentioned a confined space known as a “lock-up room,” where Coale would place misbehaving children.

Further revelations indicated that Coale subjected her nephew to further mistreatment beyond physical abuse. On one occasion, she denied him water as punishment for his potty accidents and found amusement in watching him drink from a toilet bowl.

The tragic death of King Lyons has shaken the community and ignited discussions about child protection and welfare. This case serves as a stark reminder of the critical need for vigilance and intervention in suspected cases of child abuse. The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office expressed appreciation for the cooperation of the 6-year-old witness, whose testimony proved crucial in the investigation.