Woman Kills Grandmother

On Friday, Heidi Michelle Matheny, 35, of Ohio, pled guilty to the murder of her grandmother, Alice J. Matheny, 93.

Video from a body camera showed that Matheny turned herself in to the authorities and confessed to drowning Alice at her home. Matheny told an Eaton police officer at the Preble County Sheriff’s Office lobby on Nov. 15 that she felt like she put the dog down.

On the day of the murder, Alice was washing dishes when Matheny forced her head into the sink until she stopped breathing. Matheny then tried to ensure her grandmother was dead by placing her body on the couch and putting her in the bathtub.

Before the murder, Matheny stated they had gone to the doctor, who suggested putting Alice in a nursing home, something Alice wanted. Matheny also mentioned financial issues and family disputes, saying her grandmother called her daily to ask her to sit and listen.

Matheny said she couldn’t do it anymore and almost attempted suicide but couldn’t drown herself.